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Strong Authentication on RACF

Adinsec is the Benelux partner of VASCO Data Security ( for the “Digipass Plug-In for RACF”, in order to provide strong authentication to mainframe RACF environments at large organisations in the Benelux.

VASCO is the world # 1 in Strong Authentication and Digital Signature for e-Banking and Internet Brokerage Services. VASCO has over 350 banking customers and more than 1.500 networking customers all over the world.

VASCO Digipasses exist in all shapes, colours and flavours, and can be personalized for a customer organisation. Owning the Digipass device on one hand and knowing a user-specific secret Pincode, will have the Digipass software generate a one-time password to secure applications.


The “Digipass Plug-In for RACF” opens up these strong authentication facilities which are nowadays widely used in internet-based business applications, to the critical mainframe environments in large enterprises.

The Digipass ‘secrets’ are saved in RACF itself, through a complete integration of the Digipass solution into the RACF and mainframe environment. Similar capabilities can be made available for CA-ACF2 and for CA-Top Secret on mainframe environments.

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