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Identity and Access Management

Adinsec is the Benelux partner of SailPoint, the leader in Identity and Access Management, and offers SailPoint IdentityIQ™ to organisations in the Benelux region who are concerned about compliance and security.

SailPoint IdentityIQ™ is a business-oriented identity governance solution that delivers risk-aware compliance management, integrated lifecycle management, adaptive role management and identity intelligence. Some of the world’s largest organizations work with SailPoint to alleviate the cost, complexity and burden of security and compliance initiatives. The technology leverages a unique risk-aware approach to managing user access to critical applications and data to deliver superior visibility into and control over user access.

SailPoint IdentityIQ includes six innovative components:

  • Compliance Manager – IdentityIQ Compliance Manager automates access certifications, policy management, and audit reporting through a unified governance framework. This allows you to streamline compliance processes and improve the effectiveness of identity governance—all while lowering costs.
  • Lifecycle Manager – SailPoint IdentityIQ Lifecycle Manager manages changes to access through user-friendly self-service request and password management interfaces and automated lifecycle events. It provides a flexible, scalable solution for addressing the constantly evolving access needs of your business in a way that’s both efficient and compliant.
  • Access Manager – IdentityIQ Access Manager empowers users with single sign-on (SSO) to cloud and web applications from any device—at work, home or on the go. And it enables IT to effectively apply security policy, detect violations and ensure regulatory compliance. Application usage visibility also helps monitor monthly subscription expenses by promptly deprovisioning unused or unauthorized cloud application accounts.
  • Identity Intelligence – With Identity Intelligence, organizations can transform technical identity data scattered across multiple enterprise systems into centralized, easily understood and business-relevant information. The visibility and insights offered by IdentityIQ through dashboards, risk metrics and reporting provide a clear understanding of identity and access information.




  • Governance Platform – SailPoint’s identity governance platform lays the foundation for effective IAM within the enterprise. It establishes a single framework that centralizes identity data, captures business policy, models roles, and takes a risk-based, proactive approach to managing users and resources. A unified governance platform allows organizations to build a single preventive and detective control model that supports all identity business processes, across all applications—in the datacenter and the cloud. SailPoint IdentityIQ applies consistent governance across compliance, provisioning and access management processes, maximizing investment and eliminating the need to buy and integrate multiple products..
  • Connectivity Foundation – The IdentityIQ Connectivity Foundation allows you to manage applications running in the datacenter or cloud through a flexible set of integration options. It directly connects to applications and provides out-of-box integration with other IT management tools, such as third-party provisioning or help desk systems. This wide variety of connectivity options speeds deployment and reduces costs.


Controlling user access in an increasingly complex, regulated and threatening environment is especially challenging when coupled with the pressure to streamline operations and contain costs. We’re working with our customers to deliver better information to make better decisions, so that the right allocation of resources can be made relative to risk. That’s the underlying philosophy behind identity governance.

Mark McClain, CEO and Founder, SailPoint.


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