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IAM/IAG Solution Implementation Methodology.

“Deploying an IAM solution is not as simple as you might think – but why make it difficult?”

Adinsec/Grabowsky uses a methodology called the ‘Diamond Approach’, this approach represents transparency and quality. The methodology has the principle of ‘Think Big, Act Small’ and consists of 7 phases in which we have put over 25 years of experience of software development, project management and customer support.

The Adinsec/Grabowsky Diamond Approach is a structured methodology to help manage, implement and deploy a successful Identity & Access Management solution. The Diamond Approach is intended as a guide through the management of the full lifecycle of an IAM implementation, from project start, design, implementation, test to operational deployment.


Why do we need such a methodology

A typical IAM project is likely to be more complex than previous experience of typical IT projects may suggest. As well as project management, technical and operational aspects, there are many policy, legal and security issues which must not be neglected.

By following a structured methodology based on practical experience, many of the potential traps and pitfalls can be avoided. The risks to the business and the project are reduced and those that remain are quantified at an early stage.

Methodology Background

The authors of the Adinsec/Grabowsky Diamond Approach are the project managers, consultants, architects and implementation staff working at Adinsec/Grabowsky on numerous IAM implementations. The Diamond Approach captures that ‘real world’ experience and extracts the successful experiences, that were proven to work, and provides guidance to the new practitioner to help prevent him/her from embarking along paths that contain known pitfalls.

Methodology Model

The Diamond Approach has 7 phases. In each phase there are a number of products defined. For each phase, the Diamond Approach identifies, describes and provides templates for the products that must be produced. It also identifies and describes the activities needed to produce those products. The activities are carried out under different service disciplines, e.g. Consultancy, Project Management, Training etc. These disciplines are also linked to the different products and activities by means of a RACI model.
Each phase is a specific milestone within the project and as such, must be managed by a stage project manager. Each phase delivers pre-requisites for the following phases. For project success it must receive customer approval to start and sign-off to end.

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