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TCP/IP and SNA Trace Analysis

Adinsec is the Benelux partner of AnSyNova GmbH. ( and offers the 2cIP product for z/OS and OS/390 to large organisations in the Benelux.

2cIP is a 3270-based system to allow you to decode and analyze TCP/IP and SNA traces in your mainframe-based TCP/IP network. Take, decode and analyze traces in minutes rather than days.

We are committed to helping you support the latest technology: 2cIP includes functions such as IPSec (ISAKMP) decode which are unique in the market.

The main functions of 2cIP include:

Take Traces:

Start and stop traces in seconds. Traces available for all systems (GTF for SNA, C-Trace for TCP/IP, GTF for TCP/IP CCW-Traces, Enterprise Extender).

View Traces:

View traces on a familiar 3270 interface. No training involved. This product was written for mainframe people by mainframe people.

Analyze Traces:

2cIP can determine what kind of traffic flow you have and show you the information broken out so you can fix problems quickly.We know about many kinds of TCP and UDP traffic, including ARP, RARP, ICMP, PING (via ICMP), TRACEROUTE (via ICMP), TELNET, FTP, HTTP, DNS, RIP, OSPF, LPR, SNMP, TFTP, NTP, Enterprise Extender (SNA).

IPSec Decode:

The new IP security protocol (ISAKMP) requires a handshake between the two endpoints to exchange a decoding key. When this exchange fails due to misconfiguration, it can take hours to figure out what is going on. With 2cIP, the decoding time for the diagnostic trace is reduced from hours to minutes.

SNA Traces:

You don’t need a separate product to analyze SNA. 2cIP can do that too. It can break out: FID1, FID2, FID3, FID4, FID5, FIDF, RH (Request and Response), RU Types: LLC, NLP, TH Headers, ANR, Control Vectors, FM Headers.


You’re never quite alone with 2cIP


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