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About Us.

Who We Are?

Adinsec was founded in April 2002 with the goal to offer Identity & Access Management solutions and services to the Benelux market. In the early years such projects mainly focused on the automation of cumbersome and error-prone security administration tasks, resulting as well in a better controlled environment as in a substantially reduced workload. IAM projects in those days were mainly IT-oriented and IT-initiated.

Since 2007-2008 the market changed and the focus came on governance, business user empowerment and automated controls. This change had a lot to do with the legislation and regulations that came in the market, and with which enterprises needed to be compliant, in order to sustain a healthy reputation in the market place.

Adinsec evolved with this market change and extended its offer with compliance and governance solutions. Today IAM/IAG projects are business-driven, whereas IT still has the role of enabling and technically supporting the solution.

Since July 2013, Adinsec has become a 50% daughter of Grabowsky Daniëls International BV. Grabowsky BV, the original and main daughter of this Dutch holding is offering full implementation services for IAM/IAG assessment and deployment projects to customers since many years. This expertise and approach is being cloned at Adinsec to support BeLux customers.

Meet the Team

Adinsec’s founder and early employees had been working in the security domain since a number of years in a previous company. When the focus on IAM was established, the decision to grow that activity in a separate company – Adinsec – was taken at about the same time. On the average, Adinsec employees have an expertise of more than 10 years in the IAM/IAG domain.

Adinsec Team - December 2015

Adinsec Team

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